Think people do your homework the whole world is corrupted and with one agenda on their minds world dominance and a world of the new ages bka new world order a one world supremacy!!!!!!!! If you can , but if you cant dont beat yourself up about it, But if you can, try, to love God above the world, above the flesh, above anyone or anything, the way Jesus did, here on Earth, and how Jesus does sending his Angels to guard the soul and body of each one of you here, try to remember, please try it, that when you Masturbate, or think of Lust, God is also there, witnessing you give in to sin, God is waiting for you to love and want him for himself, to surrender to him above all things, so that he can give all of himself to you, there is no greater intimacy than that, no greater love, no greater desire. But this is only the tip of the iceberg.

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